3.30pm - 4.30pm

Sat 22 June, 2024

Celebrate the solstice by embracing the cold waters of Port Phillip!

The cold is righteous. The cold is noble. The cold is TRUTH.

Call on your inner warrior to step up and take a dip in the cool, refreshing and revitalising waters of the Bellarine Peninsula.

For the Serious Swimmers

The inaugural Night Tide ‘Frostbite’ swim allows you to take on a 500m swim to show your family and friends what you are truly made of! You will feel invigorated after you step back onto the beach to thunderous applause!

The course will be a straightforward arc, highlighted by several buoys and patrolled by an experienced water safety team.  You can swim with or without a wetsuit. After the swim, you will receive a commemorative towel, and there will be warm showers so you can recover and get ready for the night ahead.

This swim is suitable for anyone who can swim at least 500m comfortably. If you plan to go without a wetsuit, make sure you have a few dips before the day to get your body used to the water temperature, which will be approximately 13 degrees Celsius.

For the Silly Swimmers

For those wanting to get cold but not endure the physical nature of competitive swim we have a different challenge. A fancy dress dip testing your metal in the cold waters, channel your inner Wim Hof in your best swimsuit or most creative inflatable device.

The best-dressed participant or group in the Fancy Dress Float will win a $1000 donation to a local community group or charity of their choice. It’s a fantastic way to show off your creative flair while supporting the causes that matter to you.

So gather your most outrageous costumes, rally your friends, and come down and float. Whether you’re swimming solo or as part of a team, this is your chance to shine.

Get ready to dive into the fun at Nightide and make this solstice one to remember.



Solstice Swim Event

- Swim Entry
- Swim Cap
- Frostbite towel
$55 Per Person

Fancy Dress Float

- Float Entry
- Swim Cap
- Frostbite towel
$35 Per person
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  • 500m Swim Event
    For those wanting to battle the frost and fellow competitors this swim is a true embodiment of mind over body. The inaugural Night Tide ‘Frostbite’ swim allows you to take on a 500m swim to show your family and friends what you are truly made of!
  • Fancy Dress Float
    A fancy dress float testing your metal in the cold waters. Creative inflatables and strange swimsuits is a must. All the fun, none of the hard work!


How far is the swim?

500m, as an arc, with a well-marked course

How do I enter?

Simply use the booking link here on the site.

What sort of floating device can I use?

Anything that keeps you up on the water if you do not want to get wet. Keep in mind there are others around you so items with hard edges (like a surfboard)are NOT recommended. Just remember to keep it fun, inventive and festive!

What is the water temperature?

It will be approximately 13 degrees celsius

How do I prepare for the cold?

We suggest you do a few swims beforehand so you know what to expect. There will be some further information about hypothermia that is sent out to you before the event.

Do I get a time?

No, as it is a fun recreational swim, but you can always time yourself!

Can the boats pull me safely from the water if I am in trouble?

Yes the IRBs (Inflatable rescue boats) can do this safely. You will be under the supervision of an experienced team of lifesavers who are trained to do this.

What happens if the weather is no good?

If the weather is not suitable, we will cancel the event but we may be able to run a shorter swim. Either way we will let you know.

How far is the float course?

100m. Out and back around a couple of buoys

Where does the Swim start?

Swim starts near the Queenscliff South Pier (see the location map below, or click this for the link in google maps).

Do I need to be a fast swimmer?

No, you do not. As long as you can swim 500m at a steady pace and tolerate the water temperature (approx. 13), you will be fine.

How do I get warm afterwards?

There will be a hot shower, but make sure to bring lots of warm clothes! You will also get a towel to use and as a souvenir as your finish your swim!

Can I use a wetsuit?

Yes, of course!

Will there be boats to look after me?

Yes, IRB’s (Inflatable Rescue Boats ) and kayaks to guide and watch you too

What if I am pulled out of the water with hypothermia?

If you have any difficulties we have a paramedic who will look after you. There will be a sheltered area where you can be looked after and recover.

Will I get a refund if the Swim is cancelled?

No, unfortunately we are not able to issue you with a refund.